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Angular 2 is an open-sourced system intended to easily build high-performance, large-scale web applications, all while making them low-maintenance.

It is a totally revived segment-based JavaScript framework in which an application is a tree of approximately coupled segments. It is a developed version of angularJS. It is more of an “all in one” system so it likewise helps in making a single site without getting caught into various JS frameworks.

A Quick Overview of Angular2

What is Angular 2?Angular 2 is a completely manufactured and finished improve form of Angular 1.
Latest version8.2.10
Written inJavascript
Angular 2 licenseMIT license
Official website

Development History

On April 30, 2015, the Angular developers declared that Angular 2 moved from Alpha to Developer Preview. In May 2016, the first release candidate was published. On September 14, 2016, the final version was released.

Latest Version

Stable release: 8.2.10/9 October 2019

Uses of Angular 2

It has a ton of valuable highlights, for example, server-side rendering, cross-platform, and supports a larger number of languages than some other framework.
It is another typescript framework built around the idea of components which is making ready for a superior and open development.
We can even make hybrid applications utilizing Angular 2 which gives us a sharp edge by giving us the adaptability to utilize similar standard codes for creating different applications.

Important Features of Angular 2

  • Modern, quicker, and profoundly versatile structure.
  • Equally helpful system for web, portable, and desktop applications.
  • Web parts based architecture.
  • Supports Hierarchical Dependency Injection.

In this article, I am going to show likely the most Angular2 Interview Questions and Answers which will help you in the interview.


The Angular 2 has just arrived at its release candidate and ought to be accessible for general use soon. There has been a lot of speculation about its features and all of it will be put to rest once we have the final product. This overview is aimed at helping you be prepared for what to expect from the upgraded framework.

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