What is Laravel?

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework that follows the model–view–controller design (MVC) pattern. Our extensive collection of Laravel Interview Questions will help you find a great job. Laravel is a popular PHP framework that reduces the cost of development and improves code quality. Using Laravel, developers can save hours of development time and cut thousands of lines of code as compared to raw PHP. Because Laravel reuses the existing components of different frameworks in designing web applications, the outcome is more structured and pragmatic.

About Laravel
What is LaravelLaravel is a free and open-source PHP framework that follows the model–view–controller design pattern.
Latest Version5.8, released on 26th February 2019
Created ByTaylor Otwell
Laravel FollowsMVC architectural pattern
Written inLaravel is written in the PHP language.
Laravel LicenceMIT License
Official Websitehttps://laravel.com/

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Development History

Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell. Laravel’s first beta version was released on June 2011. Laravel 2 was released on September 2011. Laravel 3 was released on February 2012. Laravel 4 was released on May 2013. Majority of candidates are asked this information in Laravel Interview Questions. Laravel 5 was released on February 2015.

Key points about Laravel

  • Source code hosted on GitHub and licensed under MIT License.
  • Most Starred PHP Framework for custom software development on Github.
  • Its ability to use all of the new features of PHP sets it apart.
  • Friendly online community
  • Detailed documentation

Latest Recommended Version: The current version is 5.8

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Advantages of Laravel

  • Offers a rich set of functionalities.
  • Saves time.
  • Website built in Laravel is more scalable and secure.
  • Includes namespaces and interfaces that help to organize resources.
  • Provides a clean API.

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